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an overview of IBIS America Inc.

Our company

IBIS was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Wuerzburg.

Our goal is to turn abstract theory into concrete application by developing a rule-based business structure that offers our customers user-specific solutions to boost their competitiveness. Experts at IBIS examine customers’ SAP systems to reveal actual usage. They then interpret this data and make individual recommendations for improving system utilization.

IBIS cooperates with partners like Atos, HPE, PwC and SAP and serves customers worldwide – Astra Zeneca, General Electric, Volvo, to name just a few.

Our philosophy

Reliability, precision and innovation are keys to long lasting business relationships – which is why these attributes figure so highly in our company philosophy. Let us explain what this means to us and how you benefit from it:


We think that reliability in project management is essential. The projects we manage have a defined timeline and clear pricing. We deliver standardized analysis packages and skilled support, and handle customer-specific requests quickly and efficiently. What’s more, we pay special attention to aspects that are important to you and respond to your requests and suggestions throughout the project.


The precision with which we extract and interpret your usage data and put it into clear and meaningful context enables you to view your SAP systems and processes from a whole new angle. The results are stated logically and our findings are presented in a workshop. We explain all key figures and in-depth reports clearly and precisely so you understand exactly how we have come to our conclusions.


Solutions for today, innovations for tomorrow – We work closely with SAP to ensure that we include its latest developments into our work. Innovation – so that our customers reap the greatest possible benefits.

Reliability, precision and innovation – three attributes that nurture and sustain lasting business relationships. You think so, too? Then it looks like we are off to a great start.

What makes us different

IBIS is an innovative software service provider, specializing in business analyses of SAP systems. We conduct these analyses using our trademarked RBE Plus method.

For over twenty years, we have worked jointly with large corporations like Atos and SAP, and have helped more than a hundred national and international customers with our products and services. Always in accordance with our company philosophy – with reliability, precision and innovation.

We are able to offer high-quality products and efficient services thanks to our employees’ many years of SAP experience and acquired expertise. For us, innovation means always keeping an eye on the market, staying abreast of the latest trends and putting our wealth of experience to work for you. We assess every new SAP development and immediately incorporate it into our tool platform.

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